Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Material Testing and Environmental Engineering Service

Standard Penetration Test

Sample Extraction from Barrel

Split Spoon Sampler

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Geotechnical Investigation

Geotechnical and Ground Engineering Services

- Geotechnical investigation which including soil and rock core drilling, field and laboratory testing.

Field Test and Drilling Services

- Field Test and Drilling Services

- Rotary drilling and sampling

- SPT and DCP Probing

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Construction Material Testing

Laboratory Services

- Grain size analysis including sieve and hydrometer test

- Atterberg limits

- Moisture content

 Chemical Tests:

- Calcium content

- Sulphate content

- PH value

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Environmental Service

Water Supply  

- Water supply study and design for drinking, industrial, agricultural, bottling and recreational purpose

Water Supply System Inspection, Monitoring and Rehabilitation

- Assessment of existing water supply system (from source to discharge)


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