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The development of Gia Engineering‘s business activity is based on a well-defined values highlighted as the following

  • Though the company obtained its license in 2013, there had been quite considerable years of business planning behind the formation of the company
  • A firm commitment to profitability with the aim of ensuring the company’s future
  • The confidence of its customers won as a result of the company’s commitment to guaranteeing their satisfaction with the quality acquired
  • The conviction that all its activities are done based on the respect for the environment and the sustainable development of society
  • The commitment to perform high quality investigation works with active participation of team of dedicated skilled professionals


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Thee Company is inspired by the vision and value set forth by its aim which forms the foundation of its business fabric. It is guided by the principle to uphold the highest degree of integrity and be keen to provide it clients with the best possible service.

Gia Engineering is run by dedicated and highly qualified team of full time and contract employees who have amassed the necessary engineering expertise, proficiently working to highest professional ethics and standard. In addition to its full time Staff Gia Engineering also maintains large panel experts, comprising of eminent professional and outstanding engineers, whose services are readily available to the company when required. The company constantly endeavors to attract and retain people with the highest caliber thereby contributing to the success of its clients, through excellent technical and managerial know-how and competence.


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Gia Engineering’s permanent staff and specialist experts, available when needed, are qualified and experienced in overall engineering development works.

The total number of permanently employed staff of the firm exceeds 12 and these include:

  • Geotechnical Engineers
  • Engineering Geologists
  • Hydrologists
  • Civil Engineers
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Drilling Machine Operatorsand Maintenance crew
  • Supporting Stuff