Scientific and engineering principles for:

1) protection of human populations from the effects of adverse environmental factors;

2) protection of environments from the potentially deleterious effects of natural and human activities and

3) improvement of environmental quality.

Water Supply

  • Water supply study and design for drinking, industrial, agricultural, bottling and recreational purpose
  • Techno-Economical feasibility study for bottling plants
  • Ground water survey
  • Drilling supervision
  • Construction of community water supply including shallow well drilling
  • Water quality testing and quality improvement
  • Topographic survey

Water Supply System Inspection, Monitoring and Rehabilitation

    • Assessment of existing water supply system (from source to discharge)
    • Inspection and monitoring of distribution and storage system
    • Maintenance and rehabilitation of water supply distribution and storage system including electro-mechanical works
    • Water well problem diagnosis and remedial measures
    • Rehabilitation and maintenance of existing water wells
    • Submersible pump withdrawal and installation
    • Pump testing and installation
    • Supply of water supply equipment and consumables (Submersible pump, Generator, Riser pipe, Fittings, water treatment chemicals etc...

Solid and Liquid Waste

  • Consultancy on solid and liquid waste management
  • Consultancy on hazardous waste study management
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Environmental Consultancy

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studiesfor industrial, agricultural, mining, wind power, hydropower, road andother projects.
  • Environmental compliance and audit
  • Consultancy on alternative green energy source (solar, wind)
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