Geotechnical and Ground Engineering Services

  • Geotechnical investigation which including soil and rock core drilling, field and laboratory testing.
  • Foundation design and site adaptation based on bearing capacity and foundation recommendation including machine foundations and structural design.
  • Ground water control, soil protection and drainage works.
  • Ground engineering such as retaining structures, natural and man-made slopes and excavations using state of the art knowledge and numerical modeling.
  • Site improvement design and construction including analysis, preparedness and mitigation for expansive, collapsible soils and light geo-hazards.
  • Material prospecting, testing and result interpretation for civil engineering projects.

Field Test and Drilling Services

  • Rotary drilling and sampling
  • SPT and DCP Probing
  • Borehole logging
  • Ground water measurement
  • Test pitting and sampling
  • Light weight DCP test
  • Percolation | Infiltration tests
  • Rock mass classification
  • Schmidt hammer test